Sunday Morning

Wondering what to expect on Sunday?

Here's a few thoughts to help you plan!

1. Arrive Early Plan on arriving a little early. As you enter, you should see our friendly greeters. They'll direct you to the Main Sanctuary. They will hand you a bulletin that has information about what's happening in Agape. Feel free to sit anywhere you'd like but our Usher's will be available should you have any questions. While waiting for the gathering to begin, there will probably be some friendly faces who come over to say hi, check out the bulletin and check out the opportunities to get involved.

2. Worship

At 10 a.m. the band starts their first song. You can stand or sit, clap and get into it. We love music! If you don't know the song, that's ok! Check out the screens and you'll see the lyrics to the song everyone is singing.

3. Announcements and special occasions:

After worship we take up the offering, share announcements and talk about what is happening at Agape. Some times we have baby dedications or other special activities happening. Did you celebrate a birthday or anniversary this past week? We'd love to celebrate with you by singing a song!

 4. Practical Bible teaching:

After announcements, our pastor, Andrew Ebanks, will bring a practical, biblical message that you are sure to enjoy and hopefully apply to your life. Forgot your Bible? That's ok, you will find the scripture references and some key notes from the message on the screen.

5. Closing

After a closing prayer, the band may be up for one last song. Have something happening in your life and want someone to pray with you? Our prayer team would be happy to pray with you. Then our gathering is done for the day. We'd love to connect with you and your family. Stop by our Welcome Table where there will be a friendly face to greet you.

6. Hang around as long as you like

Feel free to hang out with your friends and family, maybe meet a few new people. And we'll see you back here on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. for our evening service.

Our Children's Ministry
In order to provide ideal conditions for both adults and children to worship we've created age-appropriate environments for everyone. After the announcements and before Pastor begins the sermon we allow the kids and teens to go to our Children's and Teen's ministry. We also have a nursery for babies 0 - 2 years old. We look forward to serving you and your family!